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Ford Castrol

Ford Castrol

Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC intelligent molecules protect from the moment you start. They cling to the Engine like a magnet providing an extra layer of protection, dramatically reducing* Engine wear.

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*Many more applications available

Product Name Viscosity ACEA API Ford
Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-30 A5 5W-30 A5/B5 SN/ CF WSSM2C913-C / WSSM2C913-D
Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC 0W-30 D 0W-30 C2   WSSM2C950-A
Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC 0W-20 Diesel 0W-20 C5   WSSM2C952-A1
Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-20 E 5W-20   SN / ILSAC / GF-5 WSSM2C948-B
Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-40 OE 5W-40 C3 SN/ CF WSSM2C917-A